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Historic Maps and documents

gallery/1865 survey dfdlwr
gallery/1909 statehighwayactfordonnerhwy

Below, 1915 map for new auto travelers, provided by Hamburger Auto Supply in Los Angeles...they sold goggles. 

Notice the "30% Grade" and the "Pass Through Snowshed" notes...refering to the photos on the 1800s Photos page.

gallery/1910 road map

Below, the first California state survey of this road was made in 1915, 6 years after the state acquired it. Was the basis for the AAA map and any other travelers map.

gallery/2005 nov 013 medium web view
gallery/2005 nov inside cover survey book
gallery/10-7-2010 10;43;20 pm


Above and below, 1916.

Everything was taking off in 1915-16 due to the car.

gallery/1915 statemapeastsection
gallery/1916 aaa road maps sac to reno cropped

Below, letters related to the access to the old state road.

gallery/stock trail 1938 letter about winter sports2
gallery/stock trail 1938 letter about auto traffic
gallery/stock trail 1938 response by state
gallery/stock trail map cropped
gallery/caltrans letter to nevada county