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Historic Donner Trail

at Donner Summit










Welcome to one of the most historic, interesting, and scenic  places in America...

from Donner Lake to Donner Summit.


Home to...

  • The Original Donner/Pioneer Trail
  • The 1864 Dutch Flat-Donner Lake Wagon Road
  • The 1866 Transcontinental Railroad
  • The 1914 Lincoln / Victory Highway
  • The 1909-1927 State Highway 37
  • The 1927 US Highway 40
gallery/1915 view from summit to lake


"The wagon road from Donner Lake to the Summit was a source of frequent surprises."   W.W. Stone, July 30, 1903.
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1800s History

Donner Party / pioneer travel and Transcontinental Railroad

gallery/1870s photographers at lake (2)

1800s Photos

Amazing photos beginning in 1848


gallery/1915 on state highway square

Early 1900s Photos

Early auto travel and road modernizing


gallery/hiking square

Hiking Guide
Tips for navigating the old road and interesting spots along the way.

gallery/donner bridge aug 22, 1926 sq

Rainbow Bridge and Highway 40 construction plans and photos


gallery/1916 aaa road map sac to reno square


Old Maps and documents